Announcement concerning the procedure for construction works on the project [01 August 2011]

Carrying out the procedure for awarding public procurement of the project "Construction of communication road - Zlatograd - Thermes - Xanthi" can not be resumed at this time...[...more]
Preparation of first report on the project [20 July 2011]

Mrs Elmira Ugorlieva said that the first stage of the project was prepared and submitted to the Managing body of the European Territorial Co-operation. The report covers the activities for the period from 1st April until 30th June 2011.[...more]
Zlatograd Municipality announced a procedure for choosing a contractor for the construction works [06 July 2011]

Zlatograd Municipality announced a procedure for selection of contractors for construction activities envisaged in the project "Building of a communication road – Zlatograd - Thermes – Xanthi" Everyone can buy documents/papers every work day from 08.30 to 17.30. The cost of the documents is 30 leva, VAT is included, payable in cash in leva at the pay office of the municipality Zlatograd and getting an invoice for the expense...[...more]
15% growth of the number of the tourists coming to Zlatograd [30 June 2011]

The tourists passing through Zlatograd increased by 15% compared with the previous summer season, said the local hotel association. Data from the beginning of the season showed an increase mainly of Bulgarian and Romanian tourists staying in the southern city, traveling to the Greek beaches. [...more]
Cross-border Fair held in Zlatograd [21 May 2011]

Bulgarian-Greek Cross - border Folk Fair took place on 21st May in Zlatograd for the sixth consecutive year. It was held together with the saint's day of the chapel, named after the holy Apostles Constantine and Helen, and built at the same place as the Border Checkpoint Zlatograd. Then which worldwide celebration of the liturgy was celebrated by Ivan Marinski and Father Archimandrite Bessarion - vicar general of Smolyan.[...more]
The implementation of the activities under the project "Building of a communication road – Border Checkpoint 'Zlatograd', Zlatograd - Thermes - Xanthi " [19 May 2011]

On 18th May this year, at a conference with representatives of local and regional media, and public institutions, a start was given to the real implementation of one of the most important infrastructural projects concerning Zlatograd - "Building a communication road – Border Checkpoint 'Zlatograd', Zlatograd - Thermes - Xanthi"...[...more]
Road Zlatograd- Border Post Zlatograd is a site of a prime importance [30 April 2011]

The annual program concerning the municipal property was supplemented at the meeting of Municipal Council Zlatograd. A new section called "Municipal sites and facilities of prime importance” was included in the programme. One of the sites with such importance included is Road Zlatograd- Border post (Kostadin peak) from 0 +000 km to 3+654.19 km which will become a public municipal property.[...more]
A contract was signed on 14th March 2011 for accomplishing a project called "Building of a communication road – Zlatograd - Border Checkpoint 'Zlatograd' - Thermes - Xanthi [14 March 2011]

On 14th March 2011, the Mayor of Zlatograd officially signed the agreement for accomplishing a project "Building of a communication road – Zlatograd - Border Checkpoint 'Zlatograd' - Zlatograd - Thermes - Xanthi"[...more]
An important site for Zlatograd municipality got "green light" [15 February 2011]

"Road Infrastructure" Agency put up to auction for executing the additional design and construction of road E85 Kardzhali - Podkova and road link "Fotinovo". The implementation of the project is under the Operational Programme "Transport", with a deadline for its implementation - mid 2013.[...more]

On 15th January, 2011 it is one year since the opening of the border checkpoint Zlatograd, connecting the town of Zlatograd and Xanthi. The celebration of the anniversary began with a blessing ceremony, served at the chapel "St. Apostles Constantine and Helena "by Father John.[...more]